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Musette Side Backpack



總是隨身攜帶大量物品的人,大多希望給人獨立的感覺,但同時都缺乏獨立和安全感,對一切都放心不下,一定要掌控在手中才感到安心。Flippos 秉持著Simple Life的生活態度,希望透過精簡的小包包中,重新審視對自己而言真正所需的東西是什麼。

The highest vote "Mountaineering" was selected by Facebook fans as the main visual, symbolizing the free and unrestrained lifestyle.

In daily life, do you always carry heavy bags? Actively carry computer, documents and sport gears etc all the items you will need for your work and after work all into one backpack.

Most people who always carry a lot of items want to give a sense of independence but at the same time they lack a sense of safety. They are completely worried about everything and everything must be in their control.

Flippos adheres to the life attitude of Simple Life and hopes to re-examine what is really needed for itself through a streamlined small bag.

660 TWD
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Simple Easy Convenient

In your daily life, do you often carry heavy heavy bags and actively carry all the items needed for work, from computers and files to sports equipment after work and many items "for emergency needs" Are they stuffed into bags?
People who always carry a lot of items with them want to give people a sense of independence, but at the same time they lack a sense of independence and security, can't rest assured of everything, and must feel in control to feel at ease.


Flippos adheres to the attitude of Simple Life, and hopes to re-examine what is really needed for herself through a streamlined small bag.

It Up On You

Life is a trade-off all the time. Through the process of trade-off, put items into a limited bag space, you will see your values. I will also slowly understand, "Oh, actually this thing I have been carrying on my body, I don't need it at all!"


There is a separate inner pocket for keys or mobile phones.
Product ID Musette
Material 12 oz canvas
Size (width * height) 35 x 30 cm
Independent inner bag (width * height) 13 x 20 cm
Strap length 140 cm (Adjustable)

【旅遊家 - Anny 安妮】

Anny 安妮旅遊家/Fubon Angels
IG: (iamanny0721) https://reurl.cc/rlRZD1

2019新莊主場最後一拍,用 @flippossocks 翻轉襪,紅葉少棒的配色與我一起。


好啦 其實說了這麼多,我想我會很懷念棒球場上的各位,然後我們就籃球場上見❤️



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